Always the issue with Spoilers

How to avoid spoilers for Avengers Infinity Way

With certain movies for which I’m having high hopes and am really looking forward, I started to avoid Trailers or RottenTomatoes Scores. I did this first with Avengers: Age of Ultron then again with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and then again last year with Star Wars The Last Jedi. When I finally do see the trailer after having seen the movie, I’m always glad that I went through this process because Trailers tend to show so much. Seeing certain scenes for the first time or not being able to put together a possible plot is such a refreshing thing. Usually, I watch the Teaser (which of course only teases and doesn’t really show much) and then realize that I don’t need to see anything else because I will go see it anyway.

This time I avoided everything from Avengers Infinity War (btw only 24 hours to go!!!). I’ve seen the Teaser though but not the Trailer or any TV Spots and I haven’t even checked RottenTomatoes to see what the rating is or read any reactions on Twitter. So I have another 24 hours to last until I can get blown away with hopefully lots of awesomeness. During this time I tend to avoid certain websites and be super careful with Youtube Ads or TV Spots, would be a bummer to get spoiled in any way so close to the finish line.