AINY Soundtrack/New Pics

I don't even know where to start today:)

'Sue' from the board found a site where you can listen to the songs from the new 'Autumn in New York' soundtrack. Thanks a lot 'Sue':)

I hope you remember that the official AINY page wrote Noni's name wrong on the enter page. Well 2 days ago I wrote MGM a nice mail and now they finally changed it:)

Now about the contest. 'D.L.' had a great idea and I think it's very interesting to see how it will work out. here's what he wrote:

What would you consider to be the ideal role for Winona to play if you had the chance to write a script for her? What would her role be in the movie? What would the setting in the movie?
Who would be the supporting cast? Now, what do I need?

  • Your Name (and e-mail address)
  • The Title of the movie and the genre
  • The names of the rest of the cast
  • The name of the director
  • A 30 words treatment of the story
  • And what would Noni's part be

Mail me these things and I will put them all up here on a special page:)

Now to the pics and the last part of today's update:) The first Color Pic is from 'Dave' who is currently working on a lot of 'Reality Bites' vidcaps. The rest is from 'Delyar'. And there are also 3 new fanart pics from 'Bigrose' (very weird this time:))Thanks a lot 'Dave', 'Delyar' and 'Bigrose':)