AINY on BBC's Talking Movies

Yes, 'Mark' is right, I'm very busy. Right now it's ok when I update the page every day but I'm not sure if I can continue with this. This week maybe but next week I have to focus on the exams and then you won't see anything new here, sorry. Maybe I'll find a solution:)

'David' sent me those extremely great pictures/scans from some 'Reality Bites' and 'How to make an American quilt' advertising material. Thanks a lot 'David':)

For all those you get BBC World, 'Mark' has found out that there's a report on 'Talking Movies' this week about 'Autumn in New York'. Use the link below and choose your country. For people who live in Switzerland, Germany, France (or all other countries in the same timezone) Talking Movies will be on tonight at 9.30pm:) Thanks a lot 'Mark'