AINY Commercial Info

Hey guys, today I have a little bit of everything:) Some new pics, new sound files, crazy news and even a description of some new scenes which you'll find in the new TV commercials of 'Autumn in New York':)) But where shall I start?

I made two more sound files but this time I lowered the quality because it's mainly talking (actually it is only talking) but it's still better than any RealAudio file you'll find in the media section sooo...

  • Borderline Personality Disorder [2.00m, 0.7mb]
  • In Dr. Wick's Office [4.38m, 2.2mb]

I went to our cellar and found some old 'Cinema' magazines and then I picked 2 out with Noni pictures, the pics of one I already scanned. Here they are. Btw I also updated another part of the pics section, now only the movie pics are missing:)

'PawnReader' from the newsgroup found something very funny but embarrassing at the same time. The official 'Autumn in New York' page has a new intro page and there they wrote her name wrong:). Go check it out before they change it:))

'Sue' wrote down some descriptions of new scenes which are on the TV - Commercials, Thanks a lot 'Sue':)

In one scene, Gere and Noni are holding hands walking through Central Park and Gere asks Noni, "We can't talk about the fact that you're sick?" Noni answers, "I'm right here, right now!"

At the Rockefeller Center ice skating rink, Noni is holding hands with 2 guys, one on each side, then we hear her say to Gere, "Are you jealous?" Gere answers, "I am not jealous!" Noni says, "Yes you are!" Gere says, "Ok, I'm a little jealous."

Others... Gere flicks the odd-looking headpiece Noni is wearing (the one she is holding when she says "I collect antiques" in the trailer). Gere asks Noni, "I've got a benefit coming up, you wouldn't want to go would you?" I think he provided her with the white dress she wears at the benefit. When they're dancing, they bump into another dancing couple. Near the end, Noni says something like, "We're going for it, aren't we?"

And now: WINONA-MOVIE-QUOTE of the day:

+: How do you like the house?
-: (VO) I hate the house.
+: I was born there.
-: (VO) I love the house.

Can you guess from which movie it is?