"A Scanner Darkly" Info Page

This is something I wanted to do for quite some time but now on version 10, it has become quite easy to create it. The info page will contain news entries which have news or info related to the specific movie (of course only future projects will have that) and also some details and links plus It will be updated regularly when something new comes up. The first test info page is for the upcoming movie "A Scanner Darkly" and one for "The Darwin Awards" will follow very soon :)

On different news, I deleted the Purple Night theme because I realized the extra work it takes if you just would like to make small changes to something on the page. So there will be NONE future themes for AGCN v10... BUT, I'm already working on a new definite theme for AGCN v11 which will have some improvements over v10, yes there is always something to improve :)