A new addition to my Poster Wall

Posterwall Baby Driver

Baby Driver is another month away from hitting theaters here in Switzerland but I’m already hyped for it. Besides being a new Edgar Wright Movie with a few kickass Trailers its reviews are also excellent.

So I had to buy the Teaser Poster for the movie once I saw it in my favorite Poster store (there is actually only one I know of to physically buy Posters). But that’s not enough, I wanted the drawn Main Poster, so I tried something new: eBay. And voilà, there was a guy/store which sells lots of Posters.

Of course, this isn’t cheap but some Posters are worth it. And since paying $30 just for shipping I thought I buy another one: A Fight Club Teaser Poster. Yes I was having a small nerdgasm when I purchased these two posters and I can’t wait to see them hanging on my beautiful Poster Wall (Picture will follow)