A Name for my Bar

Now that the general look and feel of the Bar has been set, the question is on how to call that Bar. Every Bar needs to have a name after all people will associate the name with my place and the name will be dropped in conversations. Like:

Let’s go to [enter bar name here]

So picking the right name is essential to the success of it, so here’s my list of names so far:


This one is simply Soap Bar translated into Basel German. Would fit my ongoing theme of doing everything Soap-like

Bar Solo

kind of a stupid one actually. Instead of Han Solo it would be Bar Solo, obviously.


Same thing here, sticking to the Star Wars theme, this time with a variation of R2D2

COSMO-Politain, Cosmo

These two are an attempt of going down a personal road with my Cat’s name, but having the place called by a cat that passed away kinda seems wrong, I don’t know.

Zum lange Inseli, Zur lange Insle

These two are actually among my favorites and currently, the ones I consider choosing, not sure which one since I like both. It’s my favorite Drink translated, again, into Basel German.

Zum Saftlaade

a rather simple one, Basel Germans translation of To The Bar. In some way it’s clever but it also is used to describe a shitty place, so I don’t like the negativity attached to that word.

Zum Basilisgg

Very simple with no real connection to a drinking place but to a mythical creature that is used on a lot of local images like on our fountains and flags.

So at this moment, the one I’d pick is either Zum lange Inseli/Zur lange Insle or Saiffistugg. Or an even better name comes along, who knows. I still have some time until the bar actually opens but things are in motion and hopefully within two to three weeks the main part is done.