50000 Hits Milestone

Got an offer for banner exchange but I have to turn in down 1) cause of you guys 2) and because I don't want any banners (except for the-darths network banners) on my site. It destroys the whole look and I just HATE those banners:)

'Mark' found some pictures from the premiere of 'Lost Souls'. Although there is a really bad buzz I predict an opening of around $10 million (even Urban Legend 2 opened bigger and that must be a pretty bad movie). Thanks a lot 'Mark':)

News for all who receive the German channel ZDF, Today at 17.40pm, they will show something about 'Autumn in NY' and 'Lost Souls'. So set your VCR's:)- 'Delyar' found a new interview at 'MrShowbiz'. There's a lot about Noni on the net right now:) But the buzz about 'Lost Souls' gets bad right now. Thanks a lot 'Delyar':) I also found something about 'Lost Souls' (A bad review, possible spoilers) and the funny thing is that they say she wears a horrible wig when she said in an interview that it's her hair:) And then there's another article about Noni/'Lost Souls', enjoy:)

  • MrShowbiz Interview
  • Bad 'Lost Souls' Review
  • 'Lost Souls' Article

'Mark' gave me this great wallpaper/picture from 'Lost Souls' from Alliance Atlantis website (Canadian distributor for Lost Souls). Thanks a lot 'Mark'. Btw you should all check out the board once in a while, he posts a lot of links there:)

In a few minutes, this page will reach 50000 hits:) When I started in March this year I never thought that it would go this fast. Thank you for all your support. A very special Thank you to: Delyar (for never letting me down with new pics), Hervé (for his 'monster' emails), Larissa (for her nice emails), David (for his great work on the Reality Bites vidcaps), Teresa (for her FC love, hope you're still alive), Rocco (for his tips, if you read this:), Bigrose(for his Strange Fan-Art pics:)), Linh (for all the info), Mark (for thousands of links), Uwe (for surprising me many many times), and of course all the ones who have sent me pics/info or anything related to Noni and the ones I forgot (sorry about that). THANKS:))