2nd Lost Souls Trailer

It's a spooky time. NewLine made a new Trailer for 'Lost Souls' and let me tell you something, this trailer is extremely good and even frightening. I mean Janusz Kaminski (the director) knows how to use the camera (he was the director of photography for various Spielberg movies). I'm really looking forward now to see this one (not just because of Noni) and please download the hi-res one (if you can), the quality is stunning.

  • 'Lost Souls' Trailer B hi-res [17mb, 480x360]
  • 'Lost Souls' Trailer B med-res [8mb, 320x240]
  • 'Lost Souls' Trailer B low-res [4mb, 240x180]

'Bigrose' doesn't just make weird fanart pics:))) no, he also scans pics and articles:) And he also sent me covers from the Malaysia 'Girl Interrupted' VCD. Thanks a lot, Bigrose:)

The girl on yesterday's pic was identified by 'Teresa'. It's Parker Posey famous from her part in Scream 3 as the actress who plays Gale in 'Stab 3'. Thanks a lot 'Teresa':)

Already have two movies for the 'Winona Movie Idea' part. Hope more will come (scroll down to yesterdays update if you don't know what I mean)