January 2022

Switching keyboards

I’ve made a bold move recently, I’ve started using a US keyboard. But let’s go back just a bit. I watch a lot of Youtube content and sooner or later, as someone who watches a lot of gadget or gear channels, you stumble upon a video where someone mentions a mechanical keyboard. I must admit, … more →

New Color Scheme for SP10

Back in 2018, I had the urge to change the look and feel of my website, back then the red theme was born. I always like this slightly dirty red with a very dark gray as a contrast color. With this color scheme, I did SP5, SP6, SP7, SP8, and finally SP9. All with this … more →

Will movie posters cease to exist?

I recently noticed something while browsing through Disney+ and Netflix, they don’t display the movies with their corresponding Posters. What you get instead are stills from the movie in a 16 by 9 ratio. And the images they chose to represent the movies are odd. I’m sure there is some analytics behind this where it … more →

The migration is complete

The migration is complete, every piece of content is migrated from WordPress to Kirby. This means from now on I can focus on adding missing features and thinking about a new design.

Migration to Kirby

In November I decided to move my website from WordPress to the Flat-file CMS Kirby and during the last two months, I’ve been busy with first recreating SP9 in the most efficient way and also migrating over 650 blog posts, 50 factory items, 32 lab items, and 173 log entries. Now a big chunk of … more →

What’s in store for 2022

For the past two years I started each year the same, first I run some numbers from the previous year, then I look at what I liked and what I didn’t like and finally I try to look forward, give a preview of what this place can expect the following 12 months. When I go … more →

Some thoughts on 2021

As like last year, after some stats, I follow up with some things that I didn’t like and things I liked during the last year. Gone are the days of ranked lists, these are just randomly put together with no real order. Things I liked Spiderman Far from Home, a lot of hype surrounded this … more →

2021 in Numbers

In keeping tradition with what I did the last two years (2020, 2019), I will once again deliver some stats from the past year, yeah I’m a numbers guy. I wrote 26 Blog posts (7866 words) I shot and finished not one Movie I more or less quit Instagram (deleted it from my phone but … more →