2021 in Numbers

In keeping tradition with what I did the last two years (2020, 2019), I will once again deliver some stats from the past year, yeah I’m a numbers guy.

  • I wrote 26 Blog posts (7866 words)
  • I shot and finished not one Movie
  • I more or less quit Instagram (deleted it from my phone but not my account)
  • I watched 150 Movies
  • I watched 650+ TV Episodes (I watched Friends again and I’m halfway through Seinfeld)

Some of those numbers surprised me, like the number of movies I’ve seen last year which is the most in the past 4 years, at least. I’ve also watched a lot more TV but a big chunk of that is rewatching old shows before I go to sleep.

By deleting Instagram from my phone I’m continuing my path to reduce distraction and noise from my life, and honestly, Instagram has turned to shit.

What is disappointing though is the number of movies I’ve shot this year. None, zero, zip, nill. That’s definitely not a trend I’m proud of and I need a plan on how to turn this around. But that’s for another blog post, one about looking ahead.

Speaking of blog posts, that’s another sad trend there. 26 posts in one year are kinda sad actually: It’s half from 2020. This and being more creative and productive is something that I really REALLY want to change this year.

But I repeat myself, that’s for another day.