February 2019

Gutenberg after all?

I was trying out the new Gutenberg Editor for a project at work and I think it improved quite a bit since my first test with it back in August. I was so pleased with how it worked that I decided to implement it here. I made a quick test with the basic elements and … more →

In the mood for something Scary?

Ok let me explain, I had this idea for some time now (I think it all started in December) and I actually shot three different versions on three different weekends. The general idea was to shoot something simple and all alone and try to use masking for special effects. While shooting the second weekend I … more →

So how’s one of my Resolutions going?

When I posted about my plans for 2019 there was one about walking through every street in Basel-City. Well after one month I think I’m already making lots of progress. So I took an image of the current status and keep in mind that it was January, meaning it’s cold and once it gets warmer … more →