March 2018

Let’s recap March of 2018, shall we?

Another month another 30+ blog posts but this month was hard, there were times I didn’t know WHAT to post, my mind was empty and there was nothing clever to squeeze out of it. But I’m not complaining because this was also the month I discovered or realized what I actually wanna do in my spare … more →

Brainstorming about SoaPatrickFive

I cleaned the whole apartment today and now I’m exhausted but while doing that I did some brainstorming about the new Theme I will start working on, someday… in the foreseeable future, hopefully. I’m looking for fonts, I’m looking for simple ways to display a blog post and I’m making a list of things I need … more →

It was a stressful week and I need a breather, so …

It was a stressful week and I need a breather, so there’s nothing to report except to report that nothing new will be up tonight. I’m off to bed to get some sleep and have new energy tomorrow and maybe find time to post something meaningful again.

Hard at Work, here’s Proof

With the limited time I have at home, besides work, having a social life and you know the essentials like sleeping and eating, I’m working hard to draw things. Thank god the overly long Easter-Weekend is ahead of me so that I can find a bit of time to do a few long overdue chores, my … more →

I’ll kick your twat so far up your throat you’ll get pregnant giving blowjobs

I’ll kick your twat so far up your throat you’ll get pregnant giving blowjobs

Santa Clarita Diet, S02E02

The Life of Patrick

Just a quick update for today. Actually, I wanted to make an even short status update but then while drawing I had such a blast with these that I decided to post them as today’s Blog post. The reason I chose this specific version from yesterdays post was the simplicity and of it and because it was … more →

Some more doodling around

I took yesterday’s cartoon version of me and used it as a base. So I tested different versions of it, different head-shapes mostly to see what works best. I also tested different ears and shapes for the ears. I must say I’m happy with the different versions and I have some favorites but I don’t … more →

Trying to find my own Style

I’m trying new styles when drawing faces, this time I tried to overemphasize certain things and go a bit to the extremes. It was drawn rather fast once I had that specific drawing but getting there was frustrating, still playing around with stuff and trying to draw things I’m imagining but that’s the hard part. … more →

Three Months with an iPhone X

For the last three months, minus the 2 weeks where it was off to the Czech Republic for repairment, I’ve been using an iPhone X. I hesitated a long time to actually buy one, I think the infamous Notch was the main reason why. But on December 23rd I was in a spontaneous mood and was … more →

I’m using WordPress since 2004

I seem to be on a nostalgia trip recently. First the look back on the 18 Birthday of AGCN, then looking back at old Movies I’ve shot with some friends and I also looked at other Videos in different formats and listened to old cassette tapes. And today at work I talked about WordPress and … more →

My first attempts at making Movies

My uncle bought himself an old camcorder on eBay to play and transfer Video 8 and HI8 tapes. I too have four old tapes and yesterday I watched what was actually on these tapes because I had no Idea. To my surprise, there are old recordings of me and some friends trying to shoot movies. … more →

18 Years ago today I started AGCN

Wow, one of my first big Web pages just got old enough to vote, damn I’m getting old. I‘ve had homepages before, most notably the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fanpage The Love Chronicle and The Love Corner but on March 20th of 2000 the Winona Ryder Fanpage And God Created Noni, or AGCN short, celebrated its birth. … more →

I’m drawing a Blank here

I’m still a bit tired from the weekend, I mean I fell asleep on the couch just now. So I will keep this one short. If I only knew what to keep short, I have no idea what to write today, nothing. So I could force myself to think of something clever and interesting or … more →

I have 380,000 things on my mind…

I have 380,000 things on my mind. It’s an air traffic control tower in there. I can’t really imagine anything else gripping me the way directing does. This is all I can do.

David Fincher

Happy St.Patrick’s Day Everyone!

Today everything is green because obviously, it’s St.Patrick’s Day and that has to be celebrated, especially if you’re named Patrick. So since around this morning I updated the page with a special green Design, it was fun doing that and rather easy, but don’t worry everything will go back tomorrow. I also drew something special … more →

Was preparing something cool for tomorrow so there…

Was preparing something cool for tomorrow so there won’t be a big update today, but be sure to check back tomorrow! Oh and I’ve improved the drawing from Wednesday.

A new Color Scheme for a new Theme

I have some ideas about a possible new Theme and the first thing I decided upon was the color scheme. I’m a sucker for red, always love the color but I really started pushing it the last few years of my life, be that clothes, accessories, furniture, colored walls and so on. Funnily I hardly … more →

Whoooops, I put on some Weight

Oh my, I was on schedule to get in shape for summer, for bike and hiking season, and now this! Somehow I gained some weight over the last month and now I have to put on some extra hours on the bike at home to get back on track. I actually wanted to write more … more →

What the Internet knows about You

I stumbled upon an article where it was described how to download everything facebook has on you. So I was curious and tried it out myself. If you want to know how to do that, go to your Facebook page on a computer. On the very right in the top bar, next to the question … more →

Finally got my iPhone X back today

After a two week trip to Czech Republic where my iPhone X got repaired and back I’m finally in possession of my iPhone again. During this process, I noticed a few things I did wrong. First I did make a backup of my iPhone X the moment I knew I had to send it in because of … more →