February 2018

Let’s recap February of 2018, shall we?

I thought I could do a recap at the end of each month about blogging daily and on some personal stuff. When I read this post a few years from now I get a sense of what I did the past month. I‘m still on track to post daily, 28 Blog Posts this month, and … more →

My new iPhone Gear has to wait

Today I wanted to discuss the new gear I bought for my iPhone to shoot some of those short videos I‘ve talked about but somehow the fact that I have to send in my iPhone for repairs put a small dent on my mood. It seems that the recently replaced front glass is not holding … more →

A colorized Cartoon Family Portrait

For my mothers birthday, I thought I could expand the drawing I once made for the 30 Day Drawing Challenge. It meant improving it further, draw it on a canvas with a much bigger resolution and in the end colorize it as well. I had fun going back to that drawing and find new things … more →

My new weekly Task

I’ve mentioned it a few times the last few days but today is the day to actually announce my new weekly tasks. My main problem is time, I don’t have too much time on a single day to really work on something, besides the daily blog posts, so in order to keep on doing creative … more →

What to do when just posting Photos?

I started shooting more photos with my iPhone again (after all the camera is a lot better on the iPhone X than on my old iPhone 6) and so far I’ve posted a lot of them on Instagram but some of these images I’ve felt like could be posted on the Blog instead. But then … more →

It’s not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it, if it were easy.

It’s not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it, if it were easy.

Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones S03E10

Stumbled upon an old Video

A few years ago I started to play around with drawing on the iPad (back then without the precision of the Apple Pencil) and character Animation. It was a good learning experience but, like I mentioned on Tuesday, the actual process of animating the character was much much longer because of my inexperience using After … more →

My first own drawn Cartoon Character

It all started when we went to the regular sprint pizza get together at work. I joked that I’m having a problem unlocking my iPhone when I’m lying in bed and holding the phone too close to my face. FaceID is then unable to fully recognize my face and therefore unable to unlock it. We … more →

I realized a few Things…

Made some thinking the last two days and I think I realized a few things, so instead of keeping those realizations looked in my head spinning around, I thought hey this is what my Blog is for, right? So here it is: I focus too much on the little things, on the small details instead … more →

Morgestraich – vorwärts, Marsch!

Es sind widrmol die Die drey scheenschte Dääg was so viel heisst, dass ich drey Dääg unterwägs wird si. Aber wart emol, wieso schrieb ich denn Baseldytsch? Will ich find dasses passend isch und ich do mache ka was ich will, als Muul halte! Aber wie scho gseit es isch Fasnacht und ich weiss ehrligg … more →

After a long break I used the iPad as a drawing to…

After a long break I used the iPad as a drawing tool, was a lot of fun using the pencil again. I kinda missed it actually, but of course, it helps to have a day off to use it because drawing takes so much time. But who knows, I might use it again more often in the near future and some cool stuff. The work I did today will be shown a bit later, it’s something I’ve drawn for a special occasion.

Having my own Bar at Home

So I’m having my own bar at home for 5 months and I’m loving it. I’m discovering new drinks and new tastes every weekend and I love the atmosphere of it when friends are coming over and sit down on one of the bar stools, ordering a drink, me mixing them a drink and then … more →

It’s science. Just unusual science. The way that six different alcohols create a flavor identical to iced tea.

It’s science. Just unusual science. The way that six different alcohols create a flavor identical to iced tea.

Walter Bishop, Fringe S04E11

Why is 3D still a thing?

So I’m off to the theaters to watch Marvel’s latest Comic Book movie Black Panther which is supposed to be the best one yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now I’m having a hard time imagining that, but I’d love to be surprised. So I will once again see a movie at the theatre and … more →

Why do I watch Bad Movies?

I still watch bad movies, movies I expect and sometimes fully know to be bad and I think I get a kick out of it. I admit that I‘ve seen all the Twilight movies, all the Transformers, I‘ve seen both the first and the second 50 Shades of Grey and I will also watch the … more →

Getting ready for the big game tonight: FC Basel v…

Getting ready for the big game tonight: FC Basel vs Manchester City in the Champions League 1/8 Finals. I know we don’t have any chance but you don’t often get to play against of the best, if not THE best team in the world right now. I’m getting excited!!!

So let’s write a Story…

So I‘m sitting on the train, ready to start a story. Well kinda ready, it helps to have like a starting point from which the story evolves, and that‘s what‘s currently missing, plus I don‘t want people glancing at my iPad and reading all the weird stuff I‘m about to write, so I wait a … more →

When News Networks shape the political Landscape

I love the guys at Vox and the work that they do. One of their latest video essay paints a very dangerous image on how a right-wing media empire (that’s known for being anything but fair and balanced, just watch the documentary Outfoxed) can shape the political landscape by ‘talking to’ the President of the United … more →

Just a quick shout out to Apple for fixing my Disp…

Just a quick shout out to Apple for fixing my Display free of charge after I accidentally dropped it, well it flew out of my jacket’s pocket. After that, there was a black spot on the top left corner (apparently liquid which could have spread further over time) and it blocked the time. I’m a happy guy again with a fully functional iPhone!

Writing short Stories as Blog Posts?

Finding new topics for the daily Blog Posts is kinda hard, there are times when a topic is relevant which makes the theme of the Post obvious, like a new trailer or something political or whatnot. But there are times where my daily work life isn‘t just that adventurous or exciting, so coming up with … more →