American Wedding

The movie which kinda ended the American Pie Franchise (not counting all the direct to video spin off sequels), before it ended once again in 2012 with American Reunion, keeps the low quality standard the previous movies set.


Jim and Michelle plan on getting married which brings (almost) the whole gang back together and with it all the usual primitive and gross jokes and situations. What follows is the things we’ve come to expect from wedding movies: Preperation chaos, meeting the parents, bachelorparty going wrong, trying to have sex with bridesmaids and weird family members.


I don’t know what they gave Seann William Scott but he was really annoying through out the movie and kinda overshined the rest of the cast in a bad way. The popularity of his character was probably the reason to focus more on him.


I know that it’s a teen movie and I guess the goal was to keep the movie as cheap as possible and it once again shows, even though it feels like an improvement upon the previous movies.

The Camera work and lighting still feels lazy and and there are moments with bizare cuts to shots which don’t make any sense or characters being slightly out of focus

Music is, apart from pop hits, nonexistance and it still feels weird that the music is slightly quieter than you expect from these kinds of movies

The Bad

As Previously mentioned, The Stiffmeister is annoying as hell through the movie, maybe to make his story arc and his transformation (finally fall for a girl) more dramatic. The whole bachelor Party was probably the low-point of the movie.

The Good

Once again Alyson Hannigan oozes so much charm that every scene she’s in it puts a smile on my face.

Final Verdict

Neither the first sequel nor this one really improve opon the original movie, instead the all stick to the same quality standard the first one set. At least they focused early on on the right couple with the best onscreen chemistry.