September 2012

Screenplay and possible titles

I haven’t written in screenplay form for a LONG time so it was nice to actually do this again. I’m having this specific scene of the movie in my head for a long time so at one boring moment in last weeks Kick Off Week, I took out my mac and started typing, and this … more →

First draft of Storyboards

For the school project we had to create a first draft with storyboard so I used my iPad and the amazing Paper App on the train rides to school and this is what I came up with. A Boy with no care in the world is walking from the left to the right when he … more →

And I’m Back

It’s been some time since the last update here and I just wanna explain why. The reason is not that unlike the last few times that I simple don’t have the urge or motivation to post anymore but I was simply very busy for the last few days. School has started again and with a … more →

New Short Movie #2

Yesterday while thinking about the writer at war with the typewriter short story, I also realized that for a new course in school I have to come up with a better short video for introducing Venom’s Lab! 2, the current video looks like this Now my idea (for now): A small kid is having a … more →

New Short Movie #1

The day before yesterday when talking with a friend about writing stories I suddenly had an idea for a short movie, I’m talking about a 5 minute movie here. Well yesterday I couldn’t sleep because I was having all these ideas in my head so now I will write them down so that they are … more →

Working with a Whiteboard

Well I finally have my new whiteboard up and running, it’s a 120 x 90cm magnetic whiteboard and I LOVE it. I used it imediately to write down the act structure of the movie I’m currently working on and with movie I mean the story. I use a 3 act structure with the regular story … more →

Defining a site structure

Well it’s been a hectic time recently and therefor finding time to work on those subjects has been kinda spare. Nonetheless I found some time to come up with a definite site structure for the whole projects part and how I will handle the site navigation and everything. The idea is to use the blog … more →

Working on a page structure

So I made some thoughts yesterday on how to structure the new page and so far that’s what I have. We have the blog which works as a home as well with everything that belongs to a blog. Then we have the projects section where all the projects I’m working on or finished are listed … more →

First thoughts on new design

I think the in order to keep writing stuff even after a finished design I shouldn’t set myself limits as to what the content should be. But it still needs to be struktured and there lies a problem so far. What I thought about was to have a production part of the future part where … more →