November 2005

Scanner Darkly gets a Release Date

“Scanner Darkly” is set to hit limited theatres on March 31st, 2006. It’s about time!!! I’ve always liked science fiction and have high hopes for this film. Thanks to ChrisB for the news.

Slippery has been filmed

The movie has been filmed successfully in the last two days. Most of the editing process is done as well, what’s missing now is sound which will get recorded on Monday, after the mic has been purchased. Sound editing will then take place Monday as well and maybe Tuesday, depends on difficulties which might appear, … more →

Luis Vuitton Show Video

Rundstedt, the finder of the first Louis Vuitton video, found another one, this time with footage from the fashion show itself (pictures from this event can be found here). It’s again a WMV file and this time 3mb big and the video runs for 1m 33s. Thanks to Rundstedt :) Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

A trip down the Memory Lane

Godrex send me over a backup he once did of the whole server and among that was the once used AGCN v7, so I fixed some paths and links and uploaded parts of it. It’s nice to look back now and see what happened back then :) The news archive is there as well (all … more →

Casting News on Alpha Numeric

ChrisB again has found something, this time on a hungarian film page. Dennis Hopper has replaced Brian Cox on next years “Alpha Numeric” and joins Val Kilmer, Christopher Lambert and Winona Ryder. Filming will probably begin this winter, not sure if this year or beginning next year. Thanks again ChrisB for the find :)

Test Shooting for Slippery

Today the test shooting took place, which means the “movie” got shot real fast and later cut together real fast as well to get a sense for it and also to find out what has to be improved for the real shooting which will take place on Wednesday. Sound recording for it won’t be done … more →

Bigger Scanner Promo Pic

ChrisB found a bigger version of an already existing “A Scanner Darkly” promo pic, it would be cool if more of these would surface now, a new teaser/trailer would be sweet too. I know it’s still 4 1/2 months until March but still :) Thanks to ChrisB for the find

Finally a Burger King

It’s here… its finally here, I still can’t believe it that this time it’s finally happening. There were many rumors in the last few years of the first Burger King store opening in my town but now this is proof that it’s really happening now. No more just Big Macs or Big Tasty, now I … more →

Winona at U2 Show in LA

Apparently, Winona was at the U2 show in Los Angeles on Tuesday. It’s been well known that Winona and Bono have a good relationship with each other (Winona was in a video clip that was played during ‘Desire’ in concerts, it was in U2’s Zoo-tour). I wouldn’t expect pictures from this event but I still … more →

New Camcorder Arrived

Today I finally got the new camcorder, a Panasonic NV-GS250. Now I informed myself quite big time over the internet before I bought it but I’m sure I made the right decision with what I could spend. Sure it ain’t a Canon XL2 but I don’t wanna spend triple the money just for the camcorder. … more →

Slow Week/Cool Weekend

I had a rather slow week (I mean last week). Nothing special happened, did watch a lot of movies though (Sweet Home Alabama, High Crimes, A History Of Violence, Lord of Illusions, Kingdom Of Heaven, Madagascar and March Of The Penguins) The last one was a big disappointment (and that comes from someone who LOVES … more →

Scanner Darkly Screen Reviews

“A Scanner Darkly” was screened in Houston recently and has 2 reviews up from the movie, both positive, let’s hope those are not the only ones we will see and that the movie gets a good marketing campaign :) Check the link below for the reviews and watch out for spoilers! Thanks to ‘Manuel‘ … more →