January 2005

Little Women Gallery

Hi all! At last (thanks to Patrick for his help) I managed to start the movie gallery´s work!!!!. I´ve added 27 images from Little Women and 6 posters of the movie. The scans have been made by me and Gaffa, who wanna share them with all fans (many thanks Gaffa!! ). The rest of the … more →

Nonifilm News

Hi, time for an update on the new Noni films. The Darwin Awards was shot in the San Francisco Bay Area in December and January. The film is now in post-production. The shoot produced a couple of articles, which are linked below. Darwin Awards article 1 Darwin Awards article 2 Mary Warner/Weed hasn’t started shooting … more →

Apple Introduces the Mac Mini

Yesterday in San Francisco at the Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs presented the new MAC MINI (among other things) and I tell ya, this thing kicks MAJOR ASS… how can someone NOT want this thing at home? I showed this thing to my mother and the next day (today) she came to me and said she … more →

Learning For My New “Job”

Two entries within 2 days, don’t expect this to be the case here all the time, it’s just that I worked for 2 days straight on a page I’m doing for a friend and I kinda have some time off now. Yep 2 days straight, I’m getting all into CSS right now, no more tables. … more →

Having A Weird Dream

A lot of time has passed since my last entry, this wasn’t planned or anything, I was just very short on time to write something and not a lot of newsworthy stuff happened, but then again, what IS newsworthy. Anyway, I had a weird dream tonight, first I have to explain that I was at … more →

New pic from “Scanner Darkly”

A long time has passed since we had some real movie info with pictures but it happened again. AICN has posted 3 HQ pics from the movie/trailer which seems to be attached to WB’s Constantine (also starring Keanu Reeves) which will be out on February 18th. Thanks to FilmNewsFan for the picture(s).

Before Sunset Premiere Pictures

I almost completed the Before Sunset Gallery. 33 pics were added, and the credit this time goes to WinonaRules345 (aka PicFinder), who posted many of them in the-soap. More from her will come as soon as peg (or me) will edit them…hehe. There is 1 scan too, which I think belongs to corky. Many thanks … more →

Welcome to the year 2005

so how was everyone’s new years eve party? Is there anyone who stayed sober that evening/night/morning? hehe… ok, let’s get back to business. I found on some celebrity board these two HQ pics from the Salute to Richard Gere event (I noticed we don’t have pics from that event in the gallery yet) and corky … more →

Welcome To The Year 2005

And welcome to my blog. I thought about starting one quite a few times, even had one running a while, 2 years ago I think, (didn’t make it public though) but I never had them keep going for more than just a week. With this one I wanna change this, I really wanna keep this … more →