October 2000

Halloween Update

Spookily enough, NO Noni news OR media today now that IS scary)! Well, almost none. Fortunately I was in the queue for the weekly shopping (which of course meant I had less time to do the page anyhow) and leafing through this week’s (Nov. 6th) edition of ‘Us Weekly’ – trying desperately hard to ignore … more →

Lost Souls drops out of the Top 10

A good day was had by all yesterday, I trust. Some thanks to ‘Uwe’ for his amusing top 10 lists which stirred interest on the message boards, and hopefully all of our wishes for Winona will have been passed on by some friend of a friend of an agent who might pass by this web … more →

Big Winona Birthday Update

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINONA! 1971/10/29, 29 years and still blossoming! Hello to one and all. It is with surprise and renewed excitement and vigour that I return to the page so soon! I won’t rehash yesterday’s words, but I’m happy to be able to continue to contribute to the world’s biggest and best Winona fansite. Thanks … more →

Too much Work

Well, folks, sad to say but this is going to be my last day to do this. You know what? – this really does take a LONG time to do each and every day, and kudos must go to MistaG for all his very hard work to date, and in the future. Sorry to say … more →

Big Winona News Update

2 days to go ’til U know what – and nobody has suggested what to set the java clock to next?! Help… Sincerest apologies to ‘Linh’ for not posting these pics yesterday when they arrived, I have but a tiny brain and a work overload and there is no excuse, so without further ado (thanks … more →

Awesome Media Day

Today there is an awesome amount of media to give you, so there won’t be too much waffle from me (you may be relieved to hear)! First off, we have something great from ‘Gordon’ – more stills from THAT walk-of-fame ceremony, AND the thing we’ve all been waiting for – the first posted video of … more →

Various Winona News

And straight on with the quotes: Will: “So you’re Katie’s daughter – so that makes you about…”Simon (blurts out): “22 and never been kissed”Will (pensive, smiles): “No…, no I don’t buy that – Happy birthday, … Charlotte”Charlotte: (shyly – as only Winona can do it) “…Thank you” Autumn in New York Will (about Charlotte): “She’s … more →

Marks second day

Welcome to day 2 of my Web adventure. Well, on with the show. News and emails a bit thin on the ground today, so might as well start with some piccies, eh? I found these lying around somewhere… I wanted to clear something up from yesterday’s posting. The new ‘news’ address we’ve been giving out … more →

Marks first Day

Hi everyone. Well it is my first day on the job and I hope I don’t disappoint. MistaG is taking a well deserved break, but fear not, it’s only from the front page – he’s still working very hard behind the scenes to make this site bigger and better (is that possible??). Try and remember … more →

My last day for a while

Ok guys, last day for me, tomorrow ‘Mark’ will take care of the news section for the very first time, so be nice to him:)) In order that we both get the pics/infos, you need to use this new e-mail address. Please change it and send now all stuff to this one here: ‘David’ found … more →

Taking a break soon

‘Mark’ seems to be ready very soon to take over the news section for a while:) And as you can see there’s my name next to the date so that you can see who’s updating the page, me or ‘Mark’ :) ‘Delyar’ is back with lots of pics:) some from the net and some she … more →

Autumn in New York Article

Got a lot of emails lately (actually all the time) cause of the public pictures gallery that the pop-up window won’t appear. Well, I always checked it with ‘Internet Explorer’ and it worked. Yesterday I got suspicious and checked it with ‘Netscape’ and it didn’t work. I found the mistake and repaired it, works perfectly … more →

Talking Movies about Lost Souls

Ok guys, ‘Mark’ is now part of this page and will start taking care of the news section very soon:) (well I hope so:)) And then I can kick back a bit a relax (I need a short break from the daily news. I work on this page now constantly since march:)) ‘Linh’ found another … more →

Ebert on Lost Souls

HELP!!!! I get so many news/pics lately that I can’t keep up anymore:) Is anybody out there willing to help me out now? How about you ‘Mark’? I’m soon again VERY busy with school (exams) and then it will be hard for me to do a thing here. Please let me know. ‘Mark’ made another … more →

Lost Souls Box Office Numbers

Well I just needed a day off yesterday, It was my last day on vacation (cause it’s school time once again) and so I went out and had some fun:) And then I missed this great discussion on the board:( It’s once again a reminder that a lot happens there, we all have a great … more →

More Lost Souls News

I’m already behind with writing emails again, damn, and on Monday school starts again. Well, I do my best to write some emails but (as always) if you don’t get one immediately please don’t be mad at me:) As I already announced yesterday, here are 74 vidcaps from ‘Edward Scissorhands’ (and not 104 as I … more →

Lost Souls released in the States

It’s ‘Lost Souls’ time. All you guys in the states, ah I envy you. I have to wait at least another month till I see the poster hanging around in theatres:( Ah well I will get over it:) – ‘Linh’ sent me this GREAT scan from the new ‘US’ magazine. The other pic is from … more →

50000 Hits Milestone

Got an offer for banner exchange but I have to turn in down 1) cause of you guys 2) and because I don’t want any banners (except for the-darths network banners) on my site. It destroys the whole look and I just HATE those banners:) ‘Mark’ found some pictures from the premiere of ‘Lost Souls’. … more →

More Walk of Fame Pictures

Just a short update today cause I’m in a hurry. Got some emails with suggestions about new sections for the page. Have to think about them but they all sound great so I’ll probably add them:) ‘Delyar’ again found some new pics from the ‘Walk of Fame’ ceremony, they are not that big but at … more →

Lost Souls buzz starts

The updates these days get bigger and bigger, thank god I have now enough space on this table. Talking about space, if the pics will float in like this in the next half year I’m gonna have a hard disk problem. I have 200mb on this server which I share with ‘Chris’ and I don’t … more →