September 2000

Various Scans

I had some scanner problems that’s why it took me so long for today’s update, but I think you all get used to it:)) But the scans turned out pretty good after all:) The first one is a pic from ‘Sandro’, it’s the Spanish cover. The next one is from a magazine here in Germany, … more →

Fan Clip from Catharsis

I finally bought ‘Edward Scissorhands’ on DVD and I’m gonna watch it tonight, yes:))) It took us 4 weeks to get it here in Switzerland, damn we’re slow:)) ‘Catharsis’ made a wonderful clip with different pics fading into each other. You can download it right here and I hope this wasn’t his last work. Keep … more →

Noni on Strangers with Candy Season Finale

Hehehe, I just received 4 tickets for a preview screening of ‘Autumn in New York’ this Sunday And I didn’t have to pay something, life is good. ‘Zuko’ from the board found out that ‘Noni’ will appear on the season finale of ‘Strangers with Candy’ (this Monday). Thanks a lot ‘Zuko’. Click on the link … more →

More Public Pics from Naim

It seems that there’s no one with enough free time, which means I have to continue doing it alone, well I do my best:) Right now I just enjoy my free time after passing the exams and I hope you all understand that:) ‘Naim’ sent me some public pics which he found (I assume) on … more →

More Pics from Fashion Show

I know it’s late again but what do you expect when I go to bed at 7 am in the morning?:) I really could use a helping hand for some stuff on the page cause there’s so much to do (updating galleries, adding new section and writing emails) that I don’t know where to start. … more →

166 Reality Bites Vidcaps

It’s time again for a huge pictures update. I know that a lot have been waiting a long time for those and now they finally made it:)) A VERY BIG thank you goes to ‘David’ who did an excellent job with making those vidcaps and sending them to me:)) But I don’t wanna bother you … more →

Pics from David, Niall and Sandro

Sorry for the delay of today’s update but I just enjoyed the few hours I had this afternoon cause I passed the exams. Yes I passed them, WOOOOOOHOOOOOO:)) It’s such relief I can tell you:)) Got some new pics from ‘David’ (whose ‘Reality Bites’ vidcaps will come tomorrow), ‘Niall’ (I already have the other ones) … more →

Winona at Fashion Show

Damn, it’s good to be back! Yes you heard right I’m back and in a good mood as well (at least till tomorrow morning, when we get the results). I’ll tell, I’m so glad that it’s over. On Monday evening I was in such a bad mood cause the biology and chemistry exams didn’t go … more →

Pics from OK Magazine

I know that I said that I won’t update the page anymore till Saturday (well maybe Friday) but that was before I got those amazing new pics from ‘Delyar’ (from the new OK magazine) which I thought you just have to see:) Thanks a bunch ‘Delyar’ and also for the luck:) On the newsgroup there … more →

Saying Goodbye For A Week

It’s time to say goodbye for a week now:( I’ll probably be hanging around on the board sometimes but I don’t have the power to update the page in the next week. As most of you know I already did those exams 6 months ago but I didn’t pass them (it was a sad time) … more →

Pics from Sandro and Naim

An early update today:) and then I can start learning again, I’m sure you all know now it by now and I’m bothering you with mention it every day:) But if I get through this exam (this time) then you get a happy MistaG and lots of cool updates:) Got a couple of new pics … more →

Too busy, have to learn

I changed the date thing (thanks ‘Mark’) and right now it’s already too late for an update cause I NEED to learn, so I hope you can wait till tomorrow and on Sunday afternoon I will put up the last update for a week (its exam time)

Winona starring in Simone?

Good news everyone, there’s finally something about Noni in the movie world again. I’ve got two articles here about Winona starring in a movie called ‘Simone’:) Thanks a lot to ‘Dove plan’ and ‘Linh’:) Since ‘a dead pilot’ complained about the kissing picture with eBay on it, ‘Delyar’ was kind enough to fix it and … more →

AINY on BBC’s Talking Movies

Yes, ‘Mark’ is right, I’m very busy. Right now it’s ok when I update the page every day but I’m not sure if I can continue with this. This week maybe but next week I have to focus on the exams and then you won’t see anything new here, sorry. Maybe I’ll find a solution:) … more →

Public Pics from Delyar

Today all I give you are some pics and if I don’t get new ones till tomorrow then you’ll get around 20 links from ‘Mark’ tomorrow:) Damn I’m tired cause of learning all the time, I NEED VACATION!!!!!!!! :) ‘Delyar’ sent me thos new public pics. Sorry but I totally forgot them last time:) again, … more →

New Pictures from Sandro & David

Back, but I don’t have time to make it long today, sorry:) Just the facts and news today:) Got some new pics from ‘Sandro’ (btw you’ll get a copy from the Sanders show but not in the next two weeks) and ‘Linh’. Thanks a lot to both of you:) ‘David’ sent me some great close-ups … more →

More pics and Articles

Since this will be my last update for this week (I’m gonna shoot a documentary of a 2-day concert here in Basel) this update will be bigger than usual, put up everything I have today so you have enough to read, look at and discuss for the next 3 days. Maybe I’ll put something up … more →

Various Pics and Articles

‘Autumn in New York’ missed the top ten this weekend by one spot. It did earn $3,603,172 this weekend (10% more than last week) and stands now at $31,976,248. Here’s an interesting article from ‘’ about ‘AINY’. If this is true then….. (damn you, Richard) Before I come to the links ‘Mark’ sent me, here’s … more →

Eyes Wide Shut Premier Pics

Ok now I’ve seen the whole ‘Larry Sanders Show’ (was up till 1.30am in the morning) with Noni’s appearance and I’m a bit disappointed (especially from RTL). First you see her only for about a minute or two and second, RTL even cut a bit out of it. I saw the MPG version ‘Me’ had … more →

Shoop Shoop Music Video

Big update today guys, maybe the biggest ever for this page:) I’ve got everything today: News, pics (wallpaper, vidcaps, scans), video and TV info so where shall I start? Let’s start with the big one. Here it is, 30mb big and in mpg (so you can watch it fullscreen). If anyone has problems downloading it, … more →