July 2000

Public Pics from Delyar

I just realized that the dates weren’t correct the last few days:)) Btw I wanna thank everyone who mailed me or wrote something on the message board about the new design. Thanks for your nice words:) After a long time without new pics, it’s time to bring them back:) And it’s ‘Delyar’ as always who … more →

New AGCN Version

Wooohooo:)) It’s here and now I’m really curious about how you people like it. Mail me or write something on the message board good stuff and bad stuff, both are welcome:)) It’s still not perfectly running on Netscape, if anyone has an idea how to solve it but keep this design then let me know, … more →

AGCN Design News

Ok the time has come, after a lot of double shifts during the last 3 days (Yesterday I worked the whole day on the design) it’s ready:)) Everything looks great but there’s still one tiny problem. I couldn’t solve the Netscape problem, even professional web designers couldn’t help me, so you either use Internet Explorer … more →

Cinema Article & Pics

On Tuesday I started with a completely new design and today I finished it but I have big problems to make it work for Netscape and I don’t know how to solve it. I really try everything but if it won’t work well then…I don’t know. All I can say is that I’ve never done … more →

AINY Commercial Info

Hey guys, today I have a little bit of everything:) Some new pics, new sound files, crazy news and even a description of some new scenes which you’ll find in the new TV commercials of ‘Autumn in New York’:)) But where shall I start? I made two more sound files but this time I lowered … more →

Autumn In NY Article

I didn’t do everything on the pics section but the biggest part, I updated the Public pics, the rest will follow (hopefully for tomorrow) and also the sound clip from GI, sorry ‘Uwe’ ‘Linh’ was able to buy the new ‘Movieline’ magazine and there’s an article about ‘Autumn in New York’. Thanks a lot ‘Linh’ … more →