18 Years ago today I started AGCN

Wow, one of my first big Web pages just got old enough to vote, damn I’m getting old. I‘ve had homepages before, most notably the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fanpage The Love Chronicle and The Love Corner but on March 20th of 2000 the Winona Ryder Fanpage And God Created Noni, or AGCN short, celebrated its birth. It was an interesting journey where I met interesting Winona fans from all over the world (even met some face-to-face on vacation in San Francisco). But it wasn‘t just me who met people. The Soap Community was a place for people to talk about anything and for some, it was a place where they found love.

I thought it would be fitting to dedicate this day once again to AGCN. The last version, before I took it offline in October 2006, is still online along with the complete picture gallery. There are also Comic drawings from French Artist Herval who did, among other things, four Anniversary Comics.

Ah, the good old days. It makes me proud to see what I achieved back then. After all, it was back then that I fell in love with designing and creating websites. I remember how I annoyed everyone by constantly changing the design of AGCN. Through AGCN I also got into WordPress, I think I started using it around version 1.7 or so.

AGCN Anniversary Comic

I still have tons of updates in hardcoded HTML files from before using WordPress. I want to include all into this blog to have a complete archive of all (well not all, but like 90%) my Blog Posts from the last 18 Years. I will get to that someday, hopefully.