Airpods after 4 Months

Four Months ago I purchased the Airpods when they were on sale, I thought it was a good offer and I was in need of new small Bluetooth headphones after I bought myself a new iPhone, one without a headphone jack. I hesitated a long time with the Airpods because people look kinda funny wearing them, and they still do, but having used them for a while now I can admit they are awesome.

The ease of use, the extremely small form factor, the fully cordless design, these are all points which make the headphones a dream to use and wear. Of course, they don’t offer the same sound quality as a Earbuds or Over-Ear headphones but they are perfect for a sunny day and going for a walk without the hassle of a cord.

The ability to quickly switch between my iPhone and iPad during commuting is another nice touch as is the case to store and at the same time charge the headphones. I have to charge the case maybe once a week while the headphones themselves get charged every time I put them into the case. It’s just very well thought out product and one I can recommend very easily.