Just as with ‘Zoolander’, there’s a sequel on the way for the 2014 Comedy ‘Neighbors’ (or ‘Bad Neighbours’, as it was called in europe) so I decided to rewatch the first one (was kinda in the mood for it). It still holds up well after the third viewing, to my surprise. The chemistry between the leads is still good and Zack Efron shows some good comedy chops. Of course the humor is crude and simple but it works also because it never really feels too dumb. But the movie doesn’t really move forward into new territories or pushes the genre to new grounds. What I noticed was the sometimes bad scene setup. There was a scene between Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne where the talk in front of a window with lighting coming from the outside and on the close ups they are not properly lit because of the backlight… it just looked weird badly set up. In the end it’s a movie which guarantees a good time.