American Pie

I became a bit nostalgic so I decided to go back to some teen comedies and I then I stumbled upon American Pie. I remember when it came out there was this huge hype about the movie, I think mostly it was because of the nudity, as this was pretty much before the internet had plenty of nude women to offer. Anyway just as back then I realized once again how poorly the movie is directed and how badly edited and mixed. Maybe it was a bad transfer but damn during the whole opening scene the music in the background is so silent you hardly notice it and it makes the movie look and feel weird. But during the movie it becomes less and less noticeable. The cast is cute and there are some stand outs and some who look pale in comparison. But the breakout performance for me has always been Alyson Hannigan as Michelle ‘one time in band camp’. The conclude it all.. the movie is poorly made and I can’t quite understand how this movie became so popular to start a franchise since there are better teen movies outhere. But still, it has its moments but those are quite spare and don’t save the movie to get a good enough rating to really recommend it.