A slight design change

Hey everyone… MistaG or lets say Patrick here (changed my name back to my real name). As you might have noticed, new people are updating the page now too, thats because I decided to step down and let others do the work, people who have more time and might be more into it than I am. But I’m still in the back and sometimes even working on stuff which brings me to the reason of todays update.

AGCN v8 has been changed VERY slightly, I gave up on tables (people who create webpages know what I mean) and created the whole thing pretty much on CSS. I will do the galleries too very soon (already working on it) but for that I probably have to shut them down once in a while to go into testing mode. The reason I changed it is to make it more professional and also to easy change the look of the page (in the future several AGCN themes might come)

Oh and before I leave again and let the others make their job…